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  • In 1926, Will Rogers' support for an Indian Hospital to be built in his hometown of Claremore, OK was submitted along with supporting material for the associated legislation.  It didn't pass that year, but later in 1929 the hospital became a reality.

  • Will took part in a flood relief tour in 1927 to support those affected by the Great Mississippi Flood of 1927.

  • Will was instrumental in the relief effort to help Nicaragua rebuild after its capital, Managua, was destroyed by an earthquake in 1931.

  • Will made more than 50 stops in 22 days during a three-state drought relief tour for the Red Cross in 1931.

  • Will performed in many benefits over the years, particularly but not exclusively, for the Red Cross for a variety of issues from flood and drought relief to support for the troops in WWI. He also regularly gave a portion of his own salary to each such relief project.

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