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Civic Learning Week
March 11-15, 2024

We always hear "We need a Will Rogers today."
So who was Will Rogers?

Start with the video below to learn more.

Monday, March 11
Will Rogers and Congress

Discussion questions:

Why do you think Will Rogers is the only humorist/comedian with a statue in the U.S. Capitol?

Why did congress adjourn on the day Will died? Do you think that would happen today?

Tuesday, March 12
Republicans and Democrats

Discussion questions:

Why do you think Will was friends with both sides?

How can we disagree and still be friends?

Wednesday, March 13
Will Rogers on Elections

Discussion questions:

How would you change our election system?

What does Will mean when he says, "Every guy looks in his pocket and then votes?" 

Thursday, March 14
Will Rogers' Presidential Pals

Discussion questions:

Would you ever want to stay at the White House?

What would you say to the president if you got a chance to meet him?

Friday, March 15
Will Rogers for President Movement

Discussion questions:

How hard do you think it would be to be president? Why?

What would you do as a president?

Which five presidents were friends with Will Rogers?

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