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When singer-songwriter and native Oklahoman Beau Jennings set out to make his latest album, he thought the subject would be his experiences of his home at the time, Brooklyn. As Jennings worked on the album, he was increasingly drawn to his childhood hero, the legendary entertainer and political commentator Will Rogers. The pull of Rogers on Jennings’ creative spirit has resulted in a documentary that combines biography, concert documentary and travelogue into a unique rendering of Rogers’s legacy. In The Verdigris: In Search of Will Rogers, Jennings visits locations where major milestones of Rogers’ life occurred, while performing original songs about those events. Along the way, he explores the places and people who shaped or were influenced by the “Cherokee Kid” from Oklahoma who became an American icon.

Learn more about Will Rogers by visiting the Educational Resources page at RSU TV - Click button below.  There are excellent Teacher Guides available for grades 4 - 12.

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