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Vaudeville Veteran

  • Will hit the vaudeville stages in the mid- 1900s; at first, it was a silent act with rope tricks. When he missed a trick, Will's occasional comments would cause audiences to laugh and he was encouraged to begin speaking during his act.

  • Will's act typically consisted of his and a partner; his partner would ride Will's horse Teddy onstage and Will would rope both rider and horse. Jim Minnick and Buck McKee both took part in Will's act.

  • Will perfected his act for years on a series of vaudeville circuits, in theaters across the globe.

  • He performed alongside other famous vaudevillians like Eddie Cantor, Blanche Ring, and Ernest Hogan.

  • The skills he learned on the vaudeville stage prepared him for the Ziegfeld Frolic and Follies.

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