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Radio Pundit

  • While doing occasional radio appearances throughout the 1920s, Will got his own show in 1933, "The Good Gulf Show," a weekly half-hour live Sunday evening radio program; it was a hit and continued for the rest of his life.

  • After commercials, introductions, and musical performances, Will had about 15 minutes to fill and had a hard time sticking to his time limit. He used an alarm clock to cut himself off; it became his trademark.

  • He usually brought in a studio audience so that he could tell if his comedy was working.

  • One of his few radio missteps was an impersonation he did of President Calvin Coolidge on air in 1928; Coolidge was not amused.

  • His most famous radio address was for the President's Organization on Unemployment Relief in 1931; becoming known as the "Bacon and Beans and Limousines," speech.

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