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Will Rogers

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          In this program Bart will discuss the importance of Wills life, his character and the overall impact it had on American history. Bart says, “Every week someone comes up to me and says we need another Will Rogers today!” He uses this theme throughout his program of detailing why Will mattered so much to the world and how we could use a dose of “I never met a man I didn’t like” in the world today.  During his program he uses rope tricks, Wills wise cracks and personalizes each program by interacting with his audience. He calls his program, edutainment! Educational and entertaining from start to finish!


          He also is the author of the recently published children's book, Will Rogers and the Great White House Sleep Over. This book is an excellent way to introduce your kids to Will Rogers and will have them saying right along with Will, "I never met a man I didn't like!"  







          After the program he will demonstrate rope tricks that Will made famous! He will also bring ropes, and kiddie ropes for the guests to demo.  

Will Rogers in the classroom

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Call or email: Bart Taylor @ 918-343-8127

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