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Wild West Travels

  • Will traveled with a friend to cowboy in Argentina and eventually ended up on a horse ranch in South Africa in 1902.

  • Late that same year in South Africa, he joined Texas Jack's Great Wild West Show and Circus and later, in 1903, he became the Cherokee Kid.

  • In late 1903, he left Texas Jack's and joined Wirth Brothers Circus for a tour of Australia before returning to the United States in 1904.

  • In 1904, he joined Zack Mulhall's "Cowboy Carnival" where he worked with Tom Mix and Jim Minnick.

  • In 1905, still with the Mulhall crew, he was part of incident in which a steer jumped into the crowded stands at Madison Square Gardens. According to various accounts, Will either roped it or ran it back onto the arena floor.

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