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Inspire your students with the story of Will Rogers

We have some great learning opportunities for your students that are fun and interactive.

If your class can visit the Memorial Museum...

  • Classes of 10 or more students are FREE

  • Teachers, bus drivers and teacher's aids are FREE

  • Chaperones are $4

  • Students will receive a short presentation and video in our Theatre

  • There are options for several activities with our                                                       Hands on Historians.

  • We have a Learning Hunt for your students that will keep them engaged throughout their visit.  Feel free to clink on the Learning Hunt at the bottom of this page and print off copies for your class.  Clipboards and pencils are provided.

  • You can bring a lunch for your class and eat on the back porch overlooking Claremore.

  • We have a kids area with interactive activities

  • We have a great gift shop for take home souvenirs

  • Plenty of parking for buses



If your class cannot visit the Memorial Museum...

  • Our Will Rogers Interpreter can visit your school (click on video to see the different options)

  • Our Hands on Historians can visit your school. (click on the video to see the different options)

  • We have a virtual option where we can give your class a specific YouTube link and we can do a live program for your class.  This is a great way to bring Will directly to your classroom. Check that link in the Speaker/Tour Request

  • We have a great Educational Kit that you can purchase to bring Will into your classroom. 

Your class will love to learn about Will Rogers and if you have any questions,

contact our Will Rogers Interpreter, Bart Taylor at

or call 918-341-0719


To enhance your field trip experience, click the PDF file icon below to print a copy of our scavenger hunt to bring with you!

    Will Rogers Interpreter programs

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