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Experience History Hands on Historians

How would you like to have a team of historians present to your class, visit your school or come to your event to teach about 19th Century activities and games?

These hands on activities will teach you about life in the 1800s and will be a memorable experience for everyone.

Activities, games, rope making and brand making are $1 per student/activity

Virtual Options Available - call or email Bart Taylor for details

19th Century Activities include...

  • Butter Churning (for grades 1st-6th)

  • Rope making (for grades 1st-6th)

  • Corn-Husk Doll Making (perfect for 6th-12th

  • grades)

  • Learn your FIRST ROPE TRICK! (perfect for 1-5th)


19th Century Games include...

  • Sack Races

  • Game of Graces

  • Hopscotch

  • Options available





Brand Making -Will created his own brand, the Dog-Iron brand!  Students will learn why brands are made and they can create their own unique brand to take home!



Rope Making -Will Rogers roped his first calf at age 5 and learned his first rope trick at age 7! His roping skills would go on to give him the confidence he needed to become one of the greatest ropers of all time! Learn how to make rope out of jute twine using historical methods! Learn your first rope trick then take it home and show off your skills! (Call or email for availability)


Contact: Bart Taylor

phone - 918-343-8127

email -

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