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Diorama Contest 


Calling all 3rd graders! Welcome to our 4th annual Will Rogers Diorama Contest! Starting now through February 9th, we are asking Rogers County 3rd graders to learn about Will Rogers and be inspired to create your own Dioramas!


You can watch the videos below or visit the Museum for ideas. Make sure to return your completed projects to your school by no later than Friday, February 10th. Diorama's will be displayed and voted on through February and March so make sure you bring your friends and family by to vote! Voting will end March 15th and winners will be announced March 17th at 3pm at the Mid-Afternoon Frolic Talent Show held at the Will Rogers Memorial Museum. 


If you choose, you may also pick up your Diorama's at the museum March 17th. Prizes and any remaining Diorama's will be delivered to the schools the following week. Please make sure to write your name and school on your completed diorama's or we will not be able to guarantee delivery.

Enjoy learning about Will through these 60 second videos on the Will Rogers Memorial and Will's life!

Screen Shot 2020-04-10 at 8.57.11 AM.png

There is still so much more to  discover     to learn, laugh, and be inspired!   Explore more of Will's    writings and quotes!


2022 Winners 


1st Place - Brayden Cravens

2nd Place - Eliana Gonzalaz

3rd Place - Valarie Colwell

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