Will Rogers Birthplace Ranch

in Oologah, Oklahoma (Dog Iron Ranch)

Will Rogers Birthplace Ranch

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Dog Iron by Wayne Cooper

Dog Iron by Wayne Cooper



Built in 1875, the house is an example of the vernacular interpretation of the Greek Revival style of architecture typical throughout the South. (An almost identical house exists on the outskirts of Guntersville, Ala., a town founded by Will Rogers’ great grandfather.) The Oologah house is a comparatively rare surviving example of buildings on the former Indian Territory frontier. Clem Rogers added clapboard siding and the place was called “The White House on the Verdigris.” When Mary Rogers died in 1890, Clem Rogers moved to Claremore, but for fifteen years, the house had been a seat of power and site of culture.

The first floor is 1,536 square feet—48 by 32. The house was built with 10-inch logs, hand-hewed from indigenous oak, hickory and walnut hardwood. The logs extend past the second story and support the roof. Two stone chimneys support four open fireplaces. Typical for the times, the house was built from two main 16-foot-by-16-foot “front rooms,” divided by a dog trot that, when enclosed, became a foyer. A lean-to makes up the kitchen, dining room and spare bedroom. Two bedrooms are located upstairs over the two “front rooms.”

Downstairs “front rooms” were used as a parlor and as a master bedroom where Clem Rogers also kept his desk and business records. Will Rogers was born in this log-walled room.

The parlor included a piano used for entertainment. Business, government, and other meetings, including court sessions, were held in the room. It was the site of funerals, weddings, dances, singing, and parties. Other rooms are: kitchen (northwest) 16x16; dining room (center rear) 16.5x19.5; and spare bedroom (northeast) 15.5x15.5.



2014 Photo of Will Rogers Birthplace Ranch in Oologah, OK

Living history ranch and log-walled, two-story, post-Civil War home where Will Rogers was born November 4, 1879, son of a Cherokee senator, judge, and cattleman. The birthplace house is authentically conserved and open.

Era-correct rustic barn with a climate-controlled classroom with video program operating all day.

Longhorn cattle and other livestock on a 400-acre spread located on the shore of Lake Oologah.

The ranch always has been in the ownership of the Rogers family or as a donated national icon.

Picnic under the shade trees.

Arrange for a scenic trail hike

Grass airstrip.


Will Rogers Birthplace Ranch
9501 East 380 Road
Oologah, Oklahoma 74053
(2 miles east of Oologah, Oklahoma)



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